Launch restaurant

your restaurant project well

Opening a
restaurant without a diploma, without a contribution, without anything… It
may seem strange to you, but catering is a profession! You cannot improvise
yourself as the manager of a restaurant, and opening a restaurant in the city
or in a small country town should not be done on a whim. “Opening a
restaurant” doesn’t mean much. It takes an idea, a concept, and a good
dose of motivation. Be careful not to go ahead with the venture for the wrong
reasons (lack of finance, fed up with unemployment), without a sufficient dose
of skills and motivation.

For your
restaurant to succeed, it must be based on a main idea, a “strong
line”, identifiable. What you propose must correspond to a need.

What type
of clientele are you targeting? Employees on lunch break, loving couples
looking for a cosy atmosphere?

What kind
of cuisine will you offer? Fast, take-away, local gastronomic dishes?

questions, and the answers you will give to them, will condition the first
steps before the opening of your restaurant. Make your choices using a precise
analysis of the market, but also your observation. If you are attracted by a
fashionable concept and you think it is time to launch it, then it may be a
good idea. Personal taste is essential to opening a restaurant. In terms of the
cuisine served, the decoration and the general atmosphere, you have to find the
“paw” of the creator. If you are creative by nature and a little too
dreamy, don’t forget to consult the opinion of your loved ones to validate your
genius idea, you never know.

Where to
open your restaurant: Now you have to start looking for a place for your future
restaurant. As with general real estate , the choice of the right location to
open a restaurant must focus on several criteria, starting with the location.
If you are targeting a professional clientele, a restaurant in an industrial
zone is a logical choice. If, on the contrary, you value traditional cuisine
and are looking for an “ambiance”, then a view of the water will be
sought. In general, remember to check several points.

to ask yourself in order to find the right location

Is the area
sufficiently busy (pedestrians, cars)?

Is the
catchment area large enough?

Is the
restaurant easily accessible (parking, public transport)?

facilities are located nearby (shops, competitors)?

The ideal
size for your restaurant depends on the size of the project. Don’t neglect one
aspect. The size of the room, and the number of possible covers is an important
criterion, but you should not want to have too large a room, to the detriment
of the kitchens or even storage space. What use is a dining room with 80 place
settings if you can only “take out” 30 in your small kitchen?

the opening of your restaurant

how much motivation it takes to open a restaurant? It’s especially in the
financial and management areas that you’ll have to roll up your sleeves.
Running a healthy restaurant requires a well-constructed budget and clear

The costs
involved in setting up and running a restaurant

fees, notarial deeds and fees

rights, doorsteps and rents

investments (room and kitchen equipment)

stock of
goods / frequent purchases

staff costs

communication/promotional budget

This list
is not exhaustive and does not take into account many expenses that will vary
depending on your restaurant project. Work related to layout and decoration, or
costs related to loss and breakage can affect your bottom line.